Vendor qualification is an ongoing process. Qualified Vendors will be subject to periodical reviews and evaluations. The evaluation process is conducted in coordination with relevant departments within MMRTC and will provide the Vendor Management Team with detailed data regarding performance.

Kindly note that areas designated for registration with MMRTC are as follows.

  • Contractor (Local / Foreign)
  • Consultant (Local / Foreign)
  • ​Supplier
  • Manufacturer (Local / Foreign)

Note: Contractor refers to the local contractor who is registered within the Kingdom via the Ministry of Trade & Industry or Saudi Arabia’s General Investment Authority.

The Registration Process for MMRTC is clear and sequential. Registration will require all Vendors to produce and attach the following documents in “PDF”.

  • Commercial Registration Certificate
  • Certificate of Subscription to Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Certificate of GOSI
  • Saudization Certificate
  • Certificate of Zakat & Income
  • Certificate of Contractors Classification (if any)
  • Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority Licensing (foreign investors)
  • Certificate of Classification of Consulting Offices by the Saudi Council of Engineers (if any)
  • License of Profession Practice for Consultants
  • Certificate of Industrial Licensing for Manufacturers

Upon the submission of the Registration and approval from MMRTC procurement committee, an email will be sent to Vendors with the status of registration

If you have any questions, contact us via e-mail:​.

All provided information is strictly confidential.